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Your Journey to Success Begins At

Alpha Vidhya Sankul!

Knowledge is power and the chance to change the world for the better. Alpha Vidhya Sankul offer students a global education and exposure opportunity unlike any other. We pride ourselves on giving our students the platform they need to be movers and shakers in their fields. Our esteemed faculty, state of the art infrastructure and immense knowledge centres open up the world for our students.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a mediocre education and a top-tier one? At Alpha Vidhya Sankul, we can show you what the difference is and why it can transform your child’s life. With the best educational resource in the country, we are a premier institution for learning and overall life development like no other. Bank on us to give you your ladder to the peak!

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Play House,
1st-10th Guj./Eng. Medium & 11th-12th Sci./Com./Arts Guj. Medium



AVS gives students a full range of sporting options and helps them develop their teamwork spirit.


Arts and Culture

At AVS, we instil strong cultural values in our students through dedicated arts and culture programs.


Social Welfare

AVS has always been active in the social development arena and this is how we make the global leaders of the future today!


InterSchool Activities

Dynamic educational opportunities with inter-institutional learning is at the heart of AVS’ philosophy!

Life at AVS

Alpha Vidhya Sankul is a starting place of love, hope and dreams.

Student Life

The best of everything in education is for you at AVS!


Collaborative Learning

AVS’ curriculum gives special emphasis to develop social skills and teamwork to achieve goals through sports. We nurture our students into their most talented and well-rounded selves.


Challenging but fair, progressive but strongly rooted, adaptive but universal - these are some ways AVS’ curriculum and faculty, including IIT and NIT graduates, gives students the opportunity to excel.


Classroom learning must be reinforced with out-of-class experiences. AVS’ gives students complete exposure to give them practical learning upon their foundational classroom education!

Career Counselling

The most successful people always have a plan for everything. And with AVS’ student career counselling, every student has the chance to envision their dream professional life with experts.

MBBS, IIT તેમજ NIT નું પ્રવેશદ્વાર

Admission Open

Events & News

Alpha Vidhya Sankul is known as the

best school in Gujarat

for its events such as seminars, educational summits, cultural festivals and many others regularly. We are always looking to build bonds with other institutions and give students an exposure barely found anywhere else. Here are some of our most pivotal upcoming events.

ફી માફી માટે પ્રવેશ પરીક્ષા ...

(Std: 11th Sci. / Com. / Arts (Guj./Eng. Med.)

તારીખ: 29-3-2023, બુધવાર, સમય: ૧૦:૦૦, સ્થળ: આલ્ફા વિદ્યા સંકુલ, સાયન્સ યુનિટ, જૂનાગઢ

Celebrate RHYTHM 2023 at Mendarda

Alpha Vidhya Sankul celebrate RHYTHM 2023 at Mendarda

Watching match Khandheri Stadium

Alpha Vidhya Sankul watching Ind vs WI match at handheri stadium


Scholarly Educators


Evolving List of Courses


Student Skill Based Specialization


Eminent Alumni

Start Your Dream Career with AVS – Best School in Gujarat

AVS is a premier educational institution which has already produced thousands of bright minds across all professional domains. We make our students understand the dynamics of their field and give them an education that will propel them forward their whole life. Our students get the complete 360-degree exposure and this enables them to be their best selves at all times. Amazing careers get their prodigious start with the best school in Gujarat!

Admissions Open

    Alpha Vidhya Sankul is the best place for aspiring young minds to earn their education. We foster a great learning environment which gives students all that they need to become their best. AVS is proudly home to expert faculty members from Kota, Bangalore, and Varanasi with years of teaching experience which enabling us to provide best JEE and NIT coaching to students who aspire to study in the most premier Engineering and MBBS colleges of the country. Further, a collaboratively competitive approach fosters teamwork and group learning while leaning on individual effort at the same time.

    Our focussed approach to academics is only matched by our dedication to giving students holistic exposure. From educational seminars, events and summits to sporting competitions and other key events – we leave no avenue unexplored. Naturally, our students learn faster, grow quicker and achieve more in life than others. Envision your dream future and find the ideal infrastructure to achieve it with AVS!


    Success stories of students who took best from us