Nourishing sportsmanship, competitiveness and sports acumen

As a premier educational institution in Gujarat, we strive to provide our students with state-of-the-art sports facilities to inculcate key skills such as sportsmanship and leadership whilst driving competitiveness. At AVS, we have trained and experienced sports faculty who have been great sportspersons themselves. Besides, our sports facilities boast of a remarkable design, infrastructure and amenities to help optimize students’ personal, physical and social development. We have smart classrooms, state-of-the-art gymnasium, international standard grounds and facilities for real-time learning for a wide array of sports.



We have a spacious and ergonomically designed cricket stadium with the latest cricket kits and trained coaches.



We help passionate football-playing students hone their football skills by providing them with the best of facilities and necessary on-campus coaching.



We have formal grass hockey grounds and experienced hockey coaches for students interested in hockey.



We have one of the best basketball courts in the entire Gujarat to help students follow their passion for the game.



We provide students with the latest swimming equipment and facilities such as swimming pool, costume, fins, paddles, and boards.



At AVS, we strive to provide a positive environment to students in order to help them become better athletes.



Volleyball training at AVS helps students enhance their hand-eye coordination, balance and reflexes.



We provide a systematic and comprehensive gymnastic training program to students at AVS.



Fine tune your stamina and hand-eye coordination apart from strength by joining shooting sports training at AVS.

Right Athletic Environment for Sports-enthusiasts

  • Infrastructure

    Our infrastructural facilities are aimed at providing comprehensive sports training to students at AVS. Check out the state-of-the-art infrastructure at AVS.

  • Physical & Mental Training

    We believe that the right physical and mental training is indispensable to sports training and helps students achieve their goals as a student, individual and sports-person.


Alpha Vidhya Sankul is the best place for aspiring young minds to earn their education. We foster a great learning environment which gives students all that they need to become their best. AVS is proudly home to expert faculty members from Kota, Bangalore, and Varanasi with years of teaching experience which enabling us to provide best JEE and NIT coaching to students who aspire to study in the most premier Engineering and MBBS colleges of the country. Further, a collaboratively competitive approach fosters teamwork and group learning while leaning on individual effort at the same time.

Our focussed approach to academics is only matched by our dedication to giving students holistic exposure. From educational seminars, events and summits to sporting competitions and other key events – we leave no avenue unexplored. Naturally, our students learn faster, grow quicker and achieve more in life than others. Envision your dream future and find the ideal infrastructure to achieve it with AVS!


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