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A Campus with Plethora of Opportunities

Your school experience is more than just getting graduated. It is about growing as an individual as well and learning to see the world from a new perspective altogether. Your student life is pretty much defined by the memories and connections you make and at AVS, you will never run short of such opportunities. AVS is known for a happening student life and while you are here, you will have so much to get involved in.

Learn, Explore & Grow Together

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    Development of Leadership Skills

    The first step to an all-round development of a student is to realize that it just doesn’t happen in the classroom. We encourage students to take the accountability and nurture their leadership skills.

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    Teamwork plays a pivotal role in the development of students. Children must be encouraged to help each other achieve their individual as well as team goals. They are taught to explore their individuality whilst making them understand the importance of team work.

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    Decision-making & Creative Skills

    AVS infrastructure, management and faculty focus on providing key opportunities to students to hone their creative and decision-making skills. Their problem solving skills help them not just during their student life, but also for the rest of their life.

Know Us Better

How student life at AVS looks like?

Creative and Intuitive Thinking Nurtured

Student life at AVS extends way beyond than just studying and eating. We focus on developing well-rounded individuals.

Plenty of Activities to Participate in

There will be opportunities and activities galore at AVS. Whether you love music, dance, theatre or sports, the choices are simply infinite.

Discover, Experience & Connect

Connect with like-minded peers and take your student life to another level altogether.

Alpha Vidhya Sankul is the best place for aspiring young minds to earn their education. We foster a great learning environment which gives students all that they need to become their best. AVS is proudly home to expert faculty members from Kota, Bangalore, and Varanasi with years of teaching experience which enabling us to provide best JEE and NIT coaching to students who aspire to study in the most premier Engineering and MBBS colleges of the country. Further, a collaboratively competitive approach fosters teamwork and group learning while leaning on individual effort at the same time.

Our focussed approach to academics is only matched by our dedication to giving students holistic exposure. From educational seminars, events and summits to sporting competitions and other key events – we leave no avenue unexplored. Naturally, our students learn faster, grow quicker and achieve more in life than others. Envision your dream future and find the ideal infrastructure to achieve it with AVS!


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